About Me

I have a lifelong love of technology and have years of experience with many different software products and operating systems. My passion for technology has led me to choose technical writing as a career. It’s satisfying to produce useful documentation that helps people learn something or troubleshoot a problem. It’s a point of personal pride for me that I can write clear, concise procedures.

I completed my graduate degree in Technical and Professional Writing at Portland State University in December 2020. On a personal note, I currently have four cats and sadly, no dogs. My brother and his family is living with me for a while and they have a dog and two cats! So right now, I have bonus pets. 🙂 I also draw and do photography as a hobby when I am not working and I enjoy curling up and watching The Dodo channel on YouTube; the endless stream of cute and cuddly animals allows me to decompress while reconnecting with my passion for puppies.